Laiterie Chalifoux has been in touch with their customers’ needs for over four generations. Its mission is to constantly innovate and create dairy trends, as well as specialize in processing dairy products that are marketed across Canada.


Mindful of the commitment of our employees, Chalifoux undertakes to promote a healthy and safe work environment, inspired by the following core values:

· Respect

Every employee is important and is committed to respecting others. Respect requires one to be polite, attentive and understanding of others’ ideas and accepting of differences.

· Teamwork

Every member of the team upholds the interests of the business and advocates mutual cooperation and the sharing of expertise. Communication as a management tool is key to maintaining team spirit and cohesion within the organization. Teamwork gives ordinary people the power to do extraordinary things.

· Integrity

Every employee must demonstrate honesty and transparency in his or her commitments, decisions and actions. Integrity requires that one assume one’s responsibilities with attentiveness, in an atmosphere of trust.

· Pride

Every employee is proud to contribute to our business mission and promote the purchase of our products. That pride shows in the high-quality work accomplished by our employees.

· Enthusiasm

Every employee has a duty to create a pleasant work environment and contribute to the development of creative and efficient solutions. Enthusiasm is a form of courage that inspires confidence in others and leads to success.


Laiterie Chalifoux wants to become a business model and precursor in its sector, and is recognized for:

  • Continuously making efforts in research, development and innovation to design new products;
  • Providing unparalleled service to their customers, well above the industry’s standard, by paying attention to the market and trends;
  • Offering consumers different, natural and consistent dairy products at all times;
  • Creating an environment in which their employees take pleasure in working and that fosters a strong sense of belonging.