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The Parfait Collection


With perfection as the sole objective, it’s no surprise that the Parfait Collection offers a delight in every bite. Flavours overlap, giving rise to contrasts, reinterpreting the culinary know-how of Europe’s finest tables.


Chocolate — Caramel

Beneath a creamy layer of french-style fresh cheese, flavoured with a hint of vanilla, lies a generous serving of chocolate or caramel fondant. Once you dive in, you won’t want to come up again until your spoon reaches the bottom. Rich tasting and low in fat: finally, an uncompromisingly delicious dessert.


Banana, mango and passion fruit - Blueberry, honey and quinoa - Strawberry and chantilly cream

It starts with creamy, flavoured french-style fresh cheese, resting on a bed of semi-confit fruits. The pleasantly contrasting flavours play against the textures and sensations: light Chantilly cream, crunchy passion fruit seeds, soft and smooth banana, the combination of blueberries with honey and quinoa...

Maison Riviera Dairy Desserts Parfait

European Refinement

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