The Quebec brand positioned as a dairy trendsetter with this new line of dairy products

SOREL-TRACY, Quebec, February 23rd, 2016 – Riviera invites you to discover how little jars can pack a lot of taste with the launch of Petit Pot, a new line of yogurts and culinary products inspired by French cuisine. Available in grocery stores across the country, the new products combine the savoir-faire of Laiterie Chalifoux, producer of the brand Riviera, and current culinary trends.

“We wanted simple, tasty products that would bring people together to enjoy life’s sweet pleasures,” said Martin Valiquette, General Manager of Laiterie Chalifoux. “We are proud to introduce the Petit Pot line, a series of products designed to answer the growing consumer demand for fresh, local options without compromising on taste.”

With four generations of experience, Laiterie Chalifoux is one of Quebec’s great entrepreneurial successes. Under the Riviera brand, it established itself as a dairy trendsetter, launching innovative products, and demonstrating a focus on craftsmanship, from the choice of ingredients to the fine details of the packaging.

The Petit Pot product line includes three varieties of yogurts – or yogourts, in French – including a Quebec favourite goat milk yogurt with chunks of real fruits, a crème fraîche, a sour cream and three cultured butters, all presented in the new Petit Pot, made of glass.
100% recyclable and reusable, the Petit Pot glass jar has more than nine lives. For ideas on how to reuse your petits pots or recipes to create in the jars, please visit our Riviera Petit Pot Facebook page and check out our online store for all those little Petit Pot extras.

Furthermore, to celebrate the launch of Petit Pot, Riviera will distribute 8,000 lids that snap on easily and make the jars watertight. Find all details on our website. This offer is for a limited time only so hurry up – it’s first come, first serve!

Petit Pot harkens back to the old-fashioned glass bottles used for dairy products but is inspired by current products popular in Europe. With refined flavours of yogurt, consumers looking for a different taste will enjoy a little pleasurable moment with Petit Pot.

Petit Pot Products
Set-style Yogourt

  • Set-style probiotic yogurt with 3.2% M.F. made with natural ingredients
  • Thick and creamy texture
  • Excellent source of calcium and protein with added Vitamin D
  • Available in four flavours: plain, vanilla, lemon and coconut
  • Available in packages of four jars of 120g each

Organic Yogourt

  • Blended probiotic yogurt with 3.2% M.F. from natural ingredients and certified organic
  • Rich and creamy with chunks of real fruit on the bottom
  • Four unique flavours of inspired by European tradition: rhubarb, nuts, fig, and apricot
  • Available in packages of four jars of 120g each

Goat Milk Yogourt

  • Set-style yogurt with 4.9% M.F. from ultra-filtered skim goat milk
  • Available in two flavours : vanilla and strawberry with chunks of real fruit on the bottom
  • Added Vitamin D and an excellent source of calcium, phosphorus and protein
  • Brimming with probiotics and easy to digest
  • Available in packages of four jars of 120g each

Crème fraîche

  • With 35% M.F.
  • Created with care from natural ingredients
  • Available in packages of two jars of 120ml each

Sour Cream

  • 14% M.F. with a rich and creamy texture
  • Available in packages of two jars of 120ml each

Cultured Butter

  • Cultured butters inspired by the long established French butters
  • Unsalted or slightly seasoned with sea salt crystals
  • Available in ramekins of 125g each

Goat Milk Butter

  • Small 125g ramekin of goat milk butter for a softer, delicate taste

About Laiterie Chalifoux

Serving clients for four generations, Laiterie Chalifoux specializes in the transformation of dairy products sold across Canada. Created in 1920 in Sorel-Tracy, Quebec, Laiterie Chalifoux is the manufacturer of the award-winning brand Riviera, which produces fresh and specialty cheeses, cheddar and now the Petit Pot line of products which includes yogurts and cooking products inspired by French gastronomy.

Visit us at www.rivierapetitpot.com or www.riviera1920.com for more details or follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

For more information, for product samples or interview requests, please contact:

Axelle Techer
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