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Laiterie Chalifoux passes the torch to trusted partners

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Maison Riviera enters new era of growth
Laiterie Chalifoux passes the torch to trusted partners

Varennes, October 15th, 2021 – Laiterie Chalifoux is pleased to announce it is handing over the reins of the Maison Riviera brand to longtime partner Coopérative Alsace Lait and acting general manager Frédéric Madon to continue building the brand while upholding the values that have shaped its success.

Growth targets
Continuity and growth will be the watchwords of the transition. Coopérative Alsace Lait will use the team and infrastructure already in place to pursue the next phase of development. Jobs will be preserved, and operations will continue as normal at the Sorel-Tracy facility and the Varennes head office. A seamless transition is a top priority. Case in point: Frédéric Madon will stay on to continue the work he has done with Maison Riviera for a number of years and as general manager for the past year.
“Leveraging the expertise of Frédéric Madon and Coopérative Alsace Lait to give Maison Riviera new momentum for innovation and growth just felt right to the Chalifoux family. It’s a natural transition that will honour our commitment to our employees and our mission. To us, that’s what matters most,” said Laiterie President Alain Chalifoux.

An eye on innovation
Coopérative Alsace Lait has helped Maison Riviera stand out in the past by introducing the Petit Pot glass collection and the plant-based product line, among other initiatives. The cooperative plans to use innovation as a way to surprise and delight consumers and continue to differentiate itself in a competitive market. For Laiterie Chalifoux the cooperative also offers industry-leading insight that can drive Maison Riviera’s growth. Groupe Alsace Lait, which includes Coopérative Alsace Lait and Savoie Yaourt, has more than a century of expertise in milk processing, ranks among France’s 25 largest dairy producers, and is particularly strong in the cottage cheese, crème fraiche,and yogurt sectors. Moreover, investors have the backing of the Bpifrance investment fund — a solid financial foundation for Maison Riviera to build on. “Although I have been involved since 2015, this will be an opportunity for me to underscore my commitment to the organization and its employees. Maison Riviera is a brand on the rise with vast potential for growth and I plan to give it my undivided attention,” said general manager Frédéric Madon.

As a final note, the snack bar and cheese shop adjacent to the Sorel-Tracy plant will remain in the Chalifoux family and continue featuring Maison Riviera products.

About Laiterie Chalifoux
Founded in 1920 in Sorel-Tracy, Quebec, Laiterie Chalifoux was the first manufacturer of the award-winning Maison Riviera brand, which includes fresh cheeses, fine cheeses and cheddars, milk and cream, yogurts, the Petit Pot collection, as well as the plant-based product line.

About Coopérative Alsace Lait
With more than 100 years of expertise in dairy transformation, the Coopérative Alsace Lait currently brings together more than 200 milk producers. Created in 1915 with 4 cooperatives of the region, it is today the only independent cooperative in Eastern France.

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