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The Petit Pot Collection

You’re invited to the best the table has to offer: the ritual of the Petit Pot.

Maison Riviera Collection petit pot Grec

Europe at Our Table

Riviera stands apart in the dairy world, creating a collection inspired by Old World refinement. The concept of a glass “petit pot,” having finally crossed the ocean, can now make its way onto our tables to the great delight of discerning gourmets. Firm yogourts, organic products, goat cheeses, crème fraîche, sour cream, and butters—all available in the iconic glass jar or ramekin.

Poetry in the Form of a Jar

A glass petit pot lets you see what’s in store before you enthusiastically break through the seal of quality. A lid you carefully pull open, slowly revealing the treasure that awaits you within. A little spoon you sink in and clink against the glass. Everything about the Petit Pot Collection appeals to the senses and enriches the taste experience.

When a Petit Pot is More than Just a Glass Jar

Riviera’s petits pots are lovely to look at and can be so practical once they’re empty! There are hundreds of ways to use them: as verrines for appetizers, votive candle holders, or spice jars. We love to use them in any way possible because they look great and—with their reusable lids—they’re handy and environmentally friendly.

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