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Maison Riviera is innovating the greek yogurt market and expanding its range

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Maison Riviera is innovating the greek yogurt market and expanding its range
Varennes (Québec), September 30th, 2021 – Maison Riviera, a leader in dairy products since 1920, is innovating the Greek yogurt market. A new plant-based Kefir drink will be available in a single-serve size in addition to new original and gourmet flavors.

Deliciously extra-creamy, high in protein, and low in carbohydrates, a new “Keto Friendly” range will be launched in Canada within the Greek yogurt category

These last few years, Canadian consumers have been increasingly interested in buying healthy products, as well as being on the lookout for foods that will support their personal health. In Canada, the ketogenic diet is booming. It consists of a high- fat and low carbohydrate intake, focusing on good fats.

Maison Riviera is innovating the Canadian market by creating a Greek yogurt that is sure to please the keto diet enthusiasts as well as those looking for a healthy lifestyle. With 9% milk fat, this new range offers all the subtlety of an unctuous Greek yogurt: deliciously extra-creamy, high in proteins (17g for the plain flavor and 15g for the others) yet low in carbohydrates (2g for the plain flavor and 7g for the others). Furthermore, this lactose-free recipe is made of natural ingredients, rich in probiotics, and certified Kosher. These “Keto Friendly” Greek yogurts are offered in a 500g format and come in three irresistible flavors: plain, strawberry, and coconut.

Maison Riviera now offers a complete collection of Greek yogurts under a new brand image, with “Keto Friendly” being added to the existing classic (0% and 2% M.F) and organic (2% M.F) Greek yogurts. This innovation unifys the entire range, while highlighting the elements consumers are looking for.

A new and convenient size, source of protein, rich in active probiotics, and delicious fruits make Maison Riviera’s plant- based coconut milk Kefir drink the ideal snack option or addition your breakfast

Healthy and nutritious snacks are becoming increasingly important in Canadians’ diet. They are also looking for foods that support their digestive health and immune system. The new 220 ml format of Maison Riviera’s coconut milk Kefir is an excellent snack option with 4g of protein and rich active probiotics. It also contains two billion probiotics per portion, thus offering multiple benefits for both gut health and the immune system. This plant-based drink is high in vitamins (with the addition of vitamins A, B12, D) and with a good source of calcium, gluten-free, artificial-sweeteners-free, certified Kosher, and available in delicious vanilla, strawberry, and mango flavors.

The less sugar yogurts collection is expanding and invites you to discover surprising new flavors

Maison Riviera combines indulgence and discovery by introducing new flavours to its collection of reduced sugar set-style yogurts. Available in a 750g format, three amazing new flavours are yours to discover: blueberry and acai, raspberry and matcha, as well as peach, pomegranate and sea buckthorn. Made of natural and wholesome ingredients, this new collection combines nutrition and taste at its heart and are lactose-free, provide sources of calcium, are rich in probiotics and with added vitamin D, and free of artificial flavoring and certified Kosher.

In the small set format, new gourmet flavours are coming with a hint of indulgence, including vanilla chai and chocolate hazelnut, which this one is characterized by its stirred texture. Unique to Maison Riviera, these new flavours stimulate the senses and enrich the taste experience all the while encouraging environmental awareness. Did you know that by reusing the small glass jar 20 times or giving it a second use, you cancel its environmental footprint?

Three new blends join our collection of fine cheeses made from 100% Canadian milk

Maison Riviera’s collection of fine cheeses expands with the addition of three new classic grated cheese blends including Emmental, Pizza, and Gratin. All containing a hint of parmesan, these newly introduced blends are a great way to enhance the taste of your dishes. Moreover, they’re all lactose-free and made from 100% Canadian milk. The shredded Emmental and Gratin blend come in 170g formats while the Pizza blend is offered in a 360g format.


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