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Maison Riviera, the number one selling alternative to dairy yogurt, introduces its collection of dairy-free cheeses made with oats grown in Canada


Varennes, Quebec, October 04th, 2022 – Maison Riviera, creator of plant-based trends, innovates by offering its first line of dairy-free cheeses made with oats grown in Canada and renews its line of Oat-Based Vegan Delights.

At Maison Riviera, we are aware of the role we play and are committed to an active research and development process that encompasses all aspects of our business, from the selection of our ingredients to the jar. We are constantly evolving and adapting to offer you products that are consistent with our values, without compromising on taste or nutritional values.

The oats we choose are healthy and nutritious, and come from sustainable and ecological crop. In fact, oats require 10% less water than soya, and 95% less water than almonds! For all its qualities (taste, versatility, nutrition and ecology), we believe that oats are the king of plants. That's why we've chosen to promote this crop, which is gaining in popularity with Canadian consumers, who voted for this ingredient in our Oat-Based Vegan Greek Style launched in January.

As a result, we are pleased to offer three complete lines of 100% plant-based products, made in Canada with certified gluten-free oats grown in Canada.

In addition, our recipes are free of the following allergens and unnecessary additives : dairy, gluten, soy, palm oil, nuts, cholesterol, eggs, peanuts, preservatives, and artificial colours and flavours.

Discover all the qualities of cheese, without dairy products and without compromising on taste, texture or nutritional values

A rich taste and melt-in-your-mouth texture that rivals a dairy cheese and makes it the perfect topping for your favourite hot or cold recipes.

Our new line of dairy-free cheeses is an excellent source of calcium (350 mg per 30 g serving) and more protein2 (2 g protein per serving)*.

It comes in four types : cheddar style (220 g block and 227 g shreeded), shreeded mozzarella style 227 g, and shreeded parmesan style 227 g.

Enjoy our collection of Oat-Based Vegan delights that are now certified non-GMO and made with oats grown in Canada

With its slightly sweet taste and creamy texture, our new Oat-Based Vegan Delight recipe is sure to please yogurt lovers looking for a dairy-free option.

Enriched with plant-based protein (up to 4 g of protein per 175 g serving), our new Oat-Based Vegan Delight recipe contains probiotics with multiple intestinal health benefits, is a source of fibre (2 g of fibre per 175 g serving), and contains a good source of calcium and added vitamins A, B12 and D (the nutrients most lacking in vegan diets).

A selection of five flavours offered in a 100% recyclable plastic jar, which has been given a new image to promote its new recipe : plain 650 g, vanilla 650 g, strawberry 500 g, peach 500 g, and wild berry 500 g.

About Laiterie Chalifoux

Founded in 1920 in Sorel-Tracy, Quebec, Laiterie Chalifoux was the first manufacturer of the award-winning Maison Riviera brand, which includes fresh cheeses, fine cheeses and cheddars, milk and cream, yogurts, the Petit Pot collection, as well as the plant-based product line.

1 Nielsen 52 Weeks to Period Ending Date ending WE Mar 19 22.
2 Compared to our main competitors.

– 30 –

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