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Goat Milk Products
Spreadable Goat Cheese Basil and Chives

Spreadable Goat Cheese Basil and Chives

Maison Riviera Lactose-Free Seal
Maison Riviera 3g proteins


  • Skillfully blendind our traditionnal know-how and culinary trends, Maison Riviera is proud to offer a new collection of goat cheese spreads to enhance your dishes, snacks and reception
  • The texture is creamy, rich, smooth and easy to spread. The basil and chive flavour reveals fine herbs to complete your sensory experience. The nose is characterized by aromas of goat cheese and herbs. The mouth is fresh and velvety with great finesse!
  • Made in Québec and certified Aliments du Québec*
  • Lactose-free, it is an ideal option for people intolerant to bovine proteins
  • Contains 3 grams of protein per 30 g serving
  • Source of vitamin A and is low in cholesterol and sodium
  • Available in a 125 g format in a 100% recyclable and eusable glass jar

Can be considered an Aliments du Québec (Food from Québec), any product entirely made from ingredients sourced in Québec or composed of a minimum, of 85% of main ingredients from Québec. All the processing and packaging activities must be done in Québec


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Goat Milk Products