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Our Signature Ingredients

Meticulous care goes into choosing its signature ingredients, whose quality, provenance, and authenticity of flavours become inherent in each new creation.

Fruit picked at just the right time

Our fruits are harvested from the most beautiful orchards, lush fields, and abundant plantations. Italy, Spain, Morocco, and Turkey offer us their subtly flavoured fruits, gorged by Mediterranean sunshine. In America, we pick our exotic fruits below the equator. The hot and humid tropical climate and ample sunshine give the fruits—filled with juice and flavour—their character.

Milk Products

Maison Riviera develops its dairy products using 3 different kinds of milk, all of which come from the rich farmland of the Lac Saint-Pierre Valley: regular cow’s milk, organic cow’s milk, and goat’s milk.

For Maison Riviera, processing milk products is comparable to the science of winemaking. Just like with wine, milk processing relies on micro-organisms and cultures. This ancestral conservation method transforms the lactose in milk into lactic acid, allowing the dairy products’ taste, texture, and benefits (probiotics) to be developed to their full richness. From velvety, round in the mouth, and mild for yogourts, to full-bodied, nutty, and creamy for cheeses, Maison Riviera puts great care into revealing all the subtleties of its products.

Maison Riviera Dairy Desserts Parfait

European Refinement

Our Products

Maison Riviera Yogourt Vegan Delight mango and passion fruit 500 g
Maison Riviera Yogourt Vegan Delight raspberry and blackcurrant 500 g
Maison Riviera Yogourt Vegan Delight pineapple and coconut 500 g
Maison Riviera Vanilla 40% Less Sugar 0% M.F. Greek Yogourt 750 g
Maison Riviera Plain No Sugar added 0% M.F. Greek Yogourt 750 g
Maison Riviera Raspberry 40% Less Sugar 0% M.F. Greek Yogourt 4 x 125 g