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Goat Milk Products
Vanilla Goat Yogourt

Vanilla Goat Yogourt

Maison Riviera Vitamine D Added Seal
Maison Riviera High in Probiotics Seal
Maison Riviera Good Source of Calcium Seal
Maison Riviera COR Dairy Seal


  • 4.9% M.F. yogourt made from ultrafiltered skim goat milk.
  • Yogourt with added vitamin D, an excellent source of calcium and protein.
  • A healthy choice, brimming with probiotics, that is easier to digest.
  • Four small 100% reusable glass jars, each with 120g of goat milk yogourt.
  • Choice of four flavours: plain, vanilla, cherry and strawberry.


Nutrition Facts

Goat Milk Products