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Vanilla Organic Greek Yogourt 650g

Vanilla Organic Greek Yogourt 650g

25% less sugar

Maison Riviera 25% Less Sugar Seal
Maison Riviera 2 % Milk Fat Seal
Maison Riviera Organic Seal
Maison Riviera Lactose-Free Seal
Maison Riviera High in Protein


  • Organic, 25% less sugar* and lactose free.
  • High in protein, 2% M.F. and surprisingly creamy.
  • Probiotics with multiple benefits for intestinal and immune system health.
  • Two organic flavours to enjoy: vanilla and plain.
  • A smooth and creamy taste that’s simply divine.
  • Available in an economic 650 g format.

*25% less sugar than average compared to the most popular 2% M.F. organic Greek yogourt brands.


Nutrition Facts