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Oat Based Vegan Delights
Oat-based vegan Greek style strawberry raspberry

Oat-based vegan Greek style strawberry raspberry

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  • Certified gluten-free oats grown in Canada : selected oats have the advantage of being halthy and nutritious, and are grown in a sustainable and ecological manner.
  • With added vitamins A, B12, and D
  • With 3% fat, its rich and creamy texture is comparable to that of Greek yogurt
  • Contains probiotics with multiple benefits for intestinal health, essential to a healthy body
  • Easy to digest, good source of calcium, source of fibre and energy
  • Free of dairy products, no preservatives, no artificial, colours or flavours
  • Three irresistible flavours : plain, strawberry raspberry, and vanilla bean, available in an economic size of 500g.

*With more than 1 billion CFU Bifidobacterium species, lactobacillus acidophilus and lactobacillus paracasei per serving.


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Oat Based Vegan Delights