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White Mild Cheddar Fresh of the day 600 g

White Mild Cheddar Fresh of the day 600 g

Maison Riviera High in Protein


  • Our popular cheddar cheese has won many prizes over more than 50 years of existence and is known not only for its fresh, delicious taste, but also for its superior quality.
  • Riviera Mild Cheddar is a firm, rindless cheese with a glossy surface.
  • Its mellow creamy flavour is underlined by a touch of acidity that yields a lively, fresh taste.
  • Made with 100% Canadian milk, and an excellent source of calcium, this cheese is unarguably a delicious and healthy option.
  • Its blend of flavors is intense, fresh and tender. This cheddar cheese is always good as a snack and for all occasion.